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Medical software tailored to your needs.

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Build for physicians

Working with unorganized document-based software to keep track of your patient charts can be messy, inefficient, and time-consuming. is an online cloud-based platform built specifically for physicians to address this problem. Allow you to focus your time on your patients' healthcare needs and minimize your time spent on unnecessary paperwork. Regardless of the size of your practice, has all the tools physicians need, from charting software to patient management and appointment scheduling. It's available anywhere, and it's free to try.

Template for any use case

With, you can create templates for any medical practice using a set of elements that can be arranged and customized to maximize your productivity. Depending on your needs, you can create a consultation template, a recommendation letter, a detailed procedure report, or a general encounter template. With, you can customize templates to include various inputs, such as medical history, consent, progress notes, and medication information, to ensure that nothing can be overlooked. also comes with a build-i generic encounter template that can be used as-is or changed to your practice needs. If you think you need something else, feel free to reach out to us at the support team (from the bottom chat or in the email address, and we will be happy to build the ideal templates for your needs.
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What makes such a good fit for physicians?

  • By integrating medical components, eliminates the need to manually write prescriptions, referrals, and other built-in medical-specific features.
  • As a cloud-based platform, software is robust, secure, and accessible from anywhere, removing the need to work on the same device or in the same place.
  • EHR system is easy to set up, can be customized quickly, and used by anyone, regardless of previous EHR experience to technical levels.
  • reduces the number of software you need to run your practice by providing multiple features. Including an online calendar, EHR, and file management, has it all.
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Suitable for any team size

In addition to reducing the amount of paper you deal with, increases collaboration between team members. Using, you can seamlessly and securely share patient files among team members and assign patients to one or more users. Enhance your staff's collaboration with integrated access to data and improved controls, increasing productivity and driving better clinical outcomes.