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Documenting Patient Data

Keeping track of patient progress can be a significant challenge for mental health clinics. With, you can easily document and track patient data to ensure that each patient receives the best care possible. You can securely store and access patient data from any device, anytime and anywhere.

Customized Templates

Creating custom clinical forms can be time-consuming and tedious. With, you can create custom templates in just a few minutes. Our pre-built tools allow you to customize templates to fit your practice easily. You can add inputs such as medical history, progress notes, and medication information to ensure that nothing is overlooked. Plus, your templates are stored in the cloud so that you can access them anytime and anywhere.
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Online Calendar

Managing your appointments can be challenging, especially when you have multiple patients with different schedules. With's online calendar, you can easily schedule future appointments and send automated reminders to ensure that your patients show up on time. This feature will help you save time and minimize miscommunication. Plus, your appointments are synced to your patient records, so you can easily access them anytime.

Why Mental Health Therapists Should Choose for Patient Management

  • Streamlines the process of managing health records, reducing the time and effort required to keep track of patient information.
  • Appointments can be scheduled and rescheduled easily by therapists using the automated appointment scheduling system.
  • Facilitates patient management by providing a central location for storing and organizing patient information.
  • Customizable templates for documentation and forms, reducing the need for manual data entry and increasing efficiency.
  • is accessible from anywhere, making it easy for therapists to work wherever they are.
  • Increases the security and privacy of patient information by using secure cloud-based storage.