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Create customized visit templates and schedule appointments easily.

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Work smarter, Not harder

Whether you work in a hospital, public health clinic, or a private practice, you want to focus on your professional area, trying to make the most of your time while maintaining contact with patients. is a robust platform that empowers you to achieve these goals with personalized visit templates that you can create for your team, customized to efficiently and quickly record medical appointments, in addition to an online calendar and alert system. Allowing you to focus on what matters, your patient's care.

Personalized Templates

Writing every medical treatment from scratch can be a costly and time-consuming process. provides personalized templates to ease the work of healthcare professionals and help you create the perfect workflow tailored for you. You can build and customize any template from basic elements, in an intuitive and fast way, by yourself. Using templates will save time by eliminating the need to record every meeting from scratch and seamlessly saving your records in the cloud, reducing the need for paper or printers. Offer your patients and colleagues something new and captivating to increase your service quality.
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Scheduled Calendar calendar is one of the central functions of our system. By creating future visits in the clinic calendar, we eliminate the need for sticky notes. The system will remind you before meetings. This reminder service is the best way to schedule appointments, confirm patient visits, and sync all staff about clinic occupancy. Moreover, past visits are saved as calendar entries, allowing you to track the chronology easily, search for past visits, recall from the archive, and even start new encounters straight from the calendar. Use our flexible and convenient calendar to improve the interaction between the clinician and the patient, reduce the number of canceled visits, and improve collaboration in complex scheduling scenarios using a shared calendar.

Why choose for your clinic?

  • A medical records management system that provides its services around the globe, is one of the most flexible and technologically advanced on the market.
  • is committed to providing healthcare professionals with quality services to optimize their work.
  • will help you grow your business on a large scale, Using our cloud-based platform suitable for any clinic size from the first day.
  • We guarantee our users timely support and maintenance so you can focus on your healthcare practice instead of technical issues.